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We provide agricultural supplies for your farm or ranch. We carry Hubbard and Crystalyx feeds, bulk and packaged oils, hardware, filters, fence supplies, tire sales and repair, hydraulic hose repair and more. We are the home of the Rock Block!

And we deliver. We deliver high-quality service as well as products right to your farm!

Call us today to discuss how we can help you. 

Horter's Farm & Ranch Supply Bristol, SD

Services & Supplies

Our store has a variety of services and supplies we carry to keep your farm and ranch going.

Our Stock of

Products & Brands

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AgriMax LLC is a full-service ag retail store with multiple locations throughout North and South Dakota. They handle crop protection products such as seed treatment, fungicides, herbicides, pesticides, adjuvants and much more. They carry a full line of products from generics and brand name products.

AgriMax also handles your aerial applications. Full-service agronomy and seed sales are also part of the many services they provide. 

They have a convenient location in Bristol, SD that is managed by John Horter. Give him a call today to see how AgriMax can save your operation time and money!


Dust is a soybean based product that is a replacement for talc and graphite lubricants in your planter. Dust is Cleaner, Safer, Soy! New this year in addition to Dust, we have biological products that are great partners to use with Dust. We at Horter Farm and Ranch Supply are proud to be the distributor of Dust in Eastern SD, SE North Dakota and West Central Minnesota. We are looking of new dealers all the time to sell under us.

We are here to help you find a dealer or supply you with our great products if there isn’t a dealer near by.  

Hubbard Feeds

At Horter’s Farm and Ranch Supply, we offer a full line of feed product services through Hubbard Feeds.

Not only do we have many feed products to choose from, we offer full-service support from our nutritionists, who can do everything from feed samples to ration creation. We also offer bulk creep feed and other bulk feed deliveries to your farm or pasture.  

For a full line of feed products please check out www.hubardfeeds.com.

We have products for cattle, sheep, goats, bison, poultry, horses, and a full line of pet foods.


We also offer a full line of tubs for all animals needs through Crystalyx.

Be sure to check our unique “Bio-Barrels.” These barrel containers are edible and decompose as the tubs are eaten down. If they aren’t a fit for your operation, we also offer them in steel barrels as well. There’s a tub for every animal and nutritional need through Crystalyx. Visit www.crystalyx.com for a full listing of our lineup. We also offer salt products in blocks and bags, colostrum replacements, and anything to deal with livestock nutrition. 

Call us today to discuss how we can help you. And we deliver! We deliver high-quality service as well as products right to your farm!

Oils and Fluids

Quality products and quality service is what we strive for at Horter’s Farm and Ranch Supply. Oils and fluids are a very important piece of the puzzle these days to keep our equipment going. We offer a full line of oils in quarts, 2.5 gallon jugs, pails, barrels and bulk delivery. We carry all types of oil from the reputable Amstar brand. These oils meet all the specs of OEM manufacturers at a much cheaper price than OEM fluids. We also offer DEF fluid from gallons, to barrels, to totes, to bulk delivery. Antifreeze in all formulations is also available in gallons and barrels.

If you have a chainsaw or an 18-wheeler, we’ve got the fluids that go in those machines and everything in between.

Rock Block

Horter’s Farm and Ranch Supply is proud to be THE HOME for the patented Rock Block.

The Rock Block is an aftermarket kit that bolts on to disc-style hay cutters to reduce rocks and debris from being thrown and breaking tractor windows and striking operators. The Rock Block was invented and patented by John Horter when he saw the need for a product like this on his farm.  

Our high quality kits are made by Lankota in Huron, SD and we proudly distribute this product all over the US and Canada.

Tire Sales and Service

At Horter’s, we carry a full line of tires. We carry tires for lawnmowers, implements, tractors, cars, pickups and semi trucks. We also have tubes, rims and anything to do with tires. We feature Falken Tires as our number one seller for cars and pickups.

Contact us today for your tire needs!

Twine and Netwrap

We carry a full line of twine, netwrap and parts for your haying equipment.

We have sisal and plastic twines of all kinds for small and large square balers as well as round balers.

  • Rake wheels
  • Moco blades and parts
  • Sickle sections and bolts
  • Complete sickles
  • Guards
  • Baler Belts
  • Netwrap of all sizes

Vern's Livestock Equipment

Horter’s Farm and Ranch Supply is a proud dealer for Vern’s Livestock Equipment, which is made right here in South Dakota as well. They carry a full line of high-quality equipment such as panels, gates, feed bunks, creep feeders and much, much more.

Contact us today for all your livestock equipment needs. If you’re looking for a custom project, let us know, and we can build anything! For a full line of projects, check out www.vernsmfg.com.

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Monthly Deals

Current Specials!!

* Amstar bulk/barrel 15w40 semi synthetic diesel oil $15.50 per gallon
* Amstar bulk/barrel Universal Tractor Fluid (hydraulic/transmission) $13.50 per gallon

* Haywire 67”x8000′ or 64″x8000′ $240 per roll  (other sizes availabe)

*We now carry a full line of Biological products from New Fields Ag including Envita, TerraSym, B4, Phenom, and SoyFX.

*while supplies last*